GPK goes Atomic — Announcing the AtomicBridge

AtomicBridge —

Last week, we launched AtomicAssets 1.0 together with the AtomicHub, a site where anyone can explore, sell, trade and even create new AtomicAssets NFTs.
Now it is time to bring the first killer application to AtomicAssets:

Garbage Pail Kids goes Atomic!

In cooperation with the WAX team, we built the AtomicBridge. Using it, you can swap your existing Garbage Pail Kids cards (which are using the SimpleAssets standard) for a freshly minted equivalent on the AtomicAssets standard. Why would you want to do that? Let us explain:

Disclaimer: Using the AtomicBridge is voluntary. If you do not want to swap your GPK cards, you don’t have to.

You can always swap back

The original cards on SimpleAssets aren’t burned. Instead, they are kept in the AtomicBridge account, and you can choose to send back the AtomicAssets cards to receive the original (SimpleAssets) cards back at any time.

This means that if you prefer to have the SimpleAssets versions back, perhaps because someone you trade with wants to have those, or for any other reason, you can just swap the cards back. There is no risk associated with swapping.

It’s secure

The permissions for the AtomicBridge smart contract are handled as a Multisig of the official WAX Team, and the guilds WAX sw/eden, and (that’s us).
This means that no single entity has access to the cards you swap.

Use the powerful trade offers

With AtomicAssets, trade offers are a native feature. This has two key advantages:

  • No need for an intermediate smart contract like WAX Express Trade. This also means no more losing your NFTs in the trade contract or having to reclaim them manually
  • The NFTs you offer stay in your inventory until the trade is accepted. This means you can include the same NFT in multiple trade offers at once

On top of that, the AtomicHub also offers another extremely powerful feature:
You can create “Shared Links”, which you can use to give NFTs to someone only by sharing a link with him. You do not need to know the blockchain account name of the person you want to send the NFTs to, in fact, they could even create a new account after you already created the link.

Don’t worry about RAM anymore

If you were there when GPK first launched on WAX, you probably saw that a lot of users were having problems with running out of RAM (a resource on the WAX blockchain). With AtomicAssets, the creator of an NFT pays for all the necessary RAM, so that the users don’t have to.

The AtomicBridge pays for all resources required for the swap.
For you, it’s completely free!

Swapping your NFTs to AtomicAssets however also has one disadvantage that you should be aware of. Because of how new it is, at the time of writing it is not yet supported by a lot of sites. In particular:

  • You will not see the swapped cards in your collection on
  • You will not see the swapped cards in the Wax Cloud Wallet
  • You will not see the swapped cards in the NFT section of

This will most likely change in the future, and Waxplorer already integrated AtomicAssets. The AtomicHub most likely offers all the functionality that you would want in a single place (Explorer, Marketplace, Trading Interface, and even an NFT Creator). But if you want to use one of the sites mentioned above, you will have to first swap back your cards.

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to and join the new era of Non Fungible Tokens. It’s completely free, and if you don’t like it, you can always just swap back (but we think that you will like it 😉).

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