AtomicHub launches on EOS

AtomicHub launched on the WAX blockchain just 3 months ago, and has quickly turned into the biggest eosio NFT marketplace, with more than 600,000 NFTs already being created and with a secondary market volume of over $650,000.
Today we’re proud to announce the launch of, bringing AtomicHub to the EOS blockchain!

5 exclusive NFTs by mBlu

To celebrate the launch, we have partnered with mBlu from, bringing you 5 exclusive NFTs!
Every user can claim one mint of the “I’m Free” NFT, and one mystery NFT! This mystery NFT is randomly picked from the 4 other available NFTs, with the full length “Please Mr. Spaceman - Remix2” music video being the rarest of them all.

This giveaway is limited to 600 claims! Go grab yours on

What is AtomicHub?

AtomicHub is an interface for the NFT standard AtomicAssets that we developed. AtomicAssets focuses on usability, both for developers and users, and RAM efficiency. Among the most important features for users are that RAM costs are paid fully be the NFT creators (never by the users), and the powerful two sided trade offers.

AtomicHub is split into an Explorer that lets you browse through all the AtomicAssets NFTs, a Marketplace where you can buy and sell your NFTs, a Trading section, and perhaps most excitingly a NFT Creator.

The NFT Creator allows anyone to create their own NFTs without any required coding knowledge. We have already seen a large influx of artists creating NFTs on WAX and we are excited to see what the EOS community will create!

To learn more about AtomicAssets and AtomicHub, check out our original launch article:

Inter Blockchain Transfers

The most exciting future outlook of launching AtomicHub on a second chain is the possibility of enabling inter blockchain NFT transfers. The interoperability of different eosio chains is a critical advantage, and we plan to make use of that.

There still are some hurdles on the path to enabling fully decentralized AtomicAssets transfers across different chains, but we are confident that we will be able to overcome those.

In a recent article, WAX Co-founder William Quigley included the headline:
“Comparative Advantage — Why Blockchain Maximalism is Dead”

We couldn’t agree more! Instead of staying in closed bubbles of a single blockchain, we should embrace different blockchains for the different things that they excel at, and we should work on tearing down the walls between them. Inter Blockchain Communication is the way forward!

That’s all for now.

Now go out there and create cool NFTs! is waiting for you, as are the exclusive NFTs (if you are among the first 600 to claim them).

If you want to stay up to date, you can join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter @atomichub.



-- is aiming to strengthen the community around the WAX blockchain by creating tools that enable developers to build awesome stuff.

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