AtomicAssets Hub — Development Update

One month ago, our WAX Labs project for the AtomicAssets hub we’re building has been approved by the WAX token holders. We scheduled a 3 month timeline and promised to provide monthly development updates, and this is the first one.
To get the most important thing out of the way: We’re pretty much exactly where we planned to be at this time, and are confident that we will be able to launch the hub within the next 2 months.

Read more about AtomicAssets in our article: “AtomicAssets — non fungible tokens done right”

Making the hub intuitive to use and nice to look at is one of our biggest focuses. Too many great projects, especially in the blockchain world, get overlooked because it is difficult to use them and hard for new users to understand. That’s why we’re working together with Dallas Rushing, who not only is a co-founder of Karma, but also a professional UI/UX designer. This puts him in a spot where he understands the needs and challenges of blockchain projects and is able to find solutions for them that are intuitive to use.
We are now on the finishing stretch with the design (95% done) and love how it turned out, and we’re sure that so will you!

We also made some more improvements to the AtomicAssets smart contracts. We’re now at a point where we do not plan to add any more features or breaking changes ahead of moving to version 1.0, which will therefore likely happen soon.
On top of that, we also built an initial version of the smart contract that will run our market (atomicmarket). It already is fully functional, however it still needs more testing and documentation before we will publish the code for it.

A new feature: Share NFTs via a Link

We also decided to include an additional feature in the hub: Sharing NFTs via Links. On top of the normal transfers and trade offers that you will be able to sent directly to a certain account, this feature will allow you to create an offer that is not directed to a certain account. Instead, a link for the offer will be generated for you to share, and anyone with this link will be able to claim the assets in the offer.

We can see various interesting use cases for that:

  • Maybe you want to send assets to a friend of yours that doesn’t yet have a WAX account? Simply text them the link. They can see the assets that they will be able to claim, and can create a new WAX account using the WAX Cloud Wallet in a few clicks. This also gives people an incentive to create a WAX account, making it easier to onboard new users to the WAX ecosystem
  • Assume you want to host a giveaway on one of your social media accounts, giving away a cool asset each to 10 different winners. If you wanted to do this with normal transfers, this means messaging 10 people, asking for their WAX account name, and then transferring the assets to them as they respond. That’s actually quite a lot of effort, especially if you have even more winners than that. By using the Share via Link feature, you can just create the 10 offers with 10 different links once, and then send each winner their link. You would only have to spend a small amount of time once, instead of spending time spread out over days or even weeks.
  • Are you building a dapp and have an email list with a couple hundred interest users? Why not spice up your next marketing email by sending everyone a unique link that allows them to claim an asset related to your dapp. In that case, it would probably be advisable to automate the offer creation process, which is not difficult to do and which we would be happy to assist you with.
  • Or maybe just disregard all these practical reasons and use the feature for another reason: Fun. Create a link for an asset you minted with our NFT creator, paste it in a public Telegram channel and see who is the fastest one to claim it. Or host a trivia question round and send the winners a link to claim a cool trophy asset. And we’re sure that you will come up with a lot of other use cases that we haven’t thought of.

Next to working on finishing up the design, our main focus right now is to build the API that will give easy access to both the AtomicAssets contract itself, as well as to the sales and auction on the market.
Shortly, we will then begin working together with a 3rd party frontend developer to make the hub a reality.

If you want to stay up to date with the project, you can follow us on twitter @pinknetworkx and join the AtomicAssets telegram group (

The promotion that we mentioned in the AtomicAssets announcement article is still active: Everyone who joins the telegram group before we release AtomicAssets 1.0 will receive a special asset. We’re still not sure what exactly these assets will be, but we promise to do something cool. is aiming to strengthen the community around the WAX blockchain by creating tools that enable developers to build awesome stuff.