AtomicHub launched on the WAX blockchain just 3 months ago, and has quickly turned into the biggest eosio NFT marketplace, with more than 600,000 NFTs already being created and with a secondary market volume of over $650,000.
Today we’re proud to announce the launch of eos.atomichub.io, bringing AtomicHub to the EOS blockchain!

AtomicBridge — wax.atomichub.io/bridge

Last week, we launched AtomicAssets 1.0 together with the AtomicHub, a site where anyone can explore, sell, trade and even create new AtomicAssets NFTs.
Now it is time to bring the first killer application to AtomicAssets:

Garbage Pail Kids goes Atomic!

In cooperation with the WAX team, we built the AtomicBridge. Using it, you can swap your existing Garbage Pail Kids cards (which are using the SimpleAssets standard) for a freshly minted equivalent on the AtomicAssets standard. Why would you want to do that? Let us explain:

Disclaimer: Using the AtomicBridge is voluntary. …

AtomicAssets — atomicassets.io

After more than half a year of working on the AtomicAssets standard, the API and tools surrounding it and the AtomicHub, we’re extremely excited to announce that today we are releasing AtomicAssets 1.0 and launching the AtomicHub.

Today marks the begin of a new Era for Non Fungible Tokens!

AtomicAssets is a new Non Fungible Token (NFT) standard for the eosio blockchain technology. It solves usability issues that existing standards have, by not requiring any RAM from the user, it offers powerful features like native two sided trade offers and backing NFTs with tokens and it is very RAM efficient.
Learn more on atomicassets.io

From a user’s perspective

You don’t have to be a nerd (like…

Among other things, the AtomicHub offers an NFT Creator that anyone can use to mint their own AtomicAssets Non Fungible Tokens.

AtomicAssets has a more complex structure then existing NFT standards. Each of them offer big benefits and allow for features that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, but it does lead to the NFT creation process being slightly more complex.

This article will guide your through the process step by step, using the example of Garbage Pail Kids cards:

Step 1: Creating a Collection

When you first open the NFT Creator, what you will see is an (empty) list of the collections you have created.

Collection List


AtomicAssets — atomicassets.io

It has now been two months since our WAX Labs project for AtomicAssets hub we’re building has been approved by the WAX token holders. In this development update, we will be taking a closer look at a specific part of the AtomicAssets hub: The marketplace.

Read more about AtomicAssets in our article: “AtomicAssets — non fungible tokens done right”

Getting the work done

In the last month, we have kept our heads low and continued working on all the stuff that still needs to be done. That means continuing to make small improvements to the smart contracts, big progress on the Explorer API and…

One month ago, our WAX Labs project for the AtomicAssets hub we’re building has been approved by the WAX token holders. We scheduled a 3 month timeline and promised to provide monthly development updates, and this is the first one.
To get the most important thing out of the way: We’re pretty much exactly where we planned to be at this time, and are confident that we will be able to launch the hub within the next 2 months.

Read more about AtomicAssets in our article: “AtomicAssets — non fungible tokens done right”

Most of our time last month was spent working on the UI/UX

Making the hub intuitive to use and…

atomicassets.io — developed with ❤️ by pink.network

Since the CryptoKitties craze started in November 2017, the Non Fungible Token (NFTs) ecosystem has evolved from mostly being tech demos into a thriving market. Especially on the Ethereum blockchain, million dollars worth of NFTs are being traded every month, with some assets reaching sale prices of $10,000 or more.

But when we decided to build an NFT based game of our own for the Eosio ecosystem, we quickly realized that the existing asset standards simply wouldn’t work for us. After some consideration, we decided to take things in our hands:

Today, we’re proud to announce the AtomicAssets standard!

The problems we solve

The two main asset standards in use today are…

It has been around two and a half months since we initially announced our candidacy as a WAX guild. Today, as the first Inspector General Guild Ratings Report has been published, confirming pink.network as one of the top guild candidates in the WAX ecosystem, we get ready to enter a new chapter as an active block producer.

The past couple of months have been a very intense and exciting time for our team, and we would like to take this as an occasion to look back at what we achieved since we announced our candidacy, and also give an outlook…

When on the 24th October 2017 the WAX gamer sale started, Fabian and I were attending a computer science lecture at the university in our hometown Munich. We however were focused on something else than the lecture: Buying more Ether to participate in the WAX sale. At 14:06 we sent our first transaction and officially were WAX token holders.

Since then, we have seen the WAX blockchain develop from an ambitious idea to the reality that it is today. When two months ago the #BuildOnWax competition was started as part of the Mainnet launch, we immediately realized that we wanted…


pink.gg is aiming to strengthen the community around the WAX blockchain by creating tools that enable developers to build awesome stuff.

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